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Hearing Aids – Tips on Buying the Right One At the present time, hearing loss is typical. t is not seen as an illness nor a disease. But then again, for those people who are more than 65 years of age, are seen as second only to arthritis. And about 18 million individuals, about one in ten people are experiencing impaired hearing. Measure your own hearing problem How to begin? First and foremost, it is important that you don’t take any recommendations or advice from anyone else even your spouse, your children, your neighbors, or just anyone. Be on your feet the very second you wake up in the morning and begin keeping on tract by making notes or anything on the sounds that you are hearing. If someone said please and you heard it wrong then keep in mind that you should jot this down. And if someone said more, and what you heard was more, then give your focus to this and don’t neglect it or blame or black out the speaker just accept that it took place. Don’t dispute with any person or even give a damn about their “you should have a hearing aid speech. Make sure that you pay attention to the sounds you are hearing day by day especially when you watch a television. Read what is on the screen, and see if you are hearing the same thing. When you go out of your house, are you hearing the chirping of the birds? And with regards to your air conditioner, the sound produced by your feet as it hit the rug, the fish tank, the running water? Pick out the things that create sounds a well as noises that you identify and be sure to jot them now the things you hear and not hear such as rain, music, traffic, wind and so on. If someone would ask you if you were able to hear the door bell, phone and so on, be sure that you give an honest answer and take note of it. Once this is finished, you will have a clear point on the things that is happening in your life especially on the sounds you hear and not hear. At times, you might be mixing up consonants as well as vowels, having a difficulty on hearing the consonants and understanding the people talking to you and observe that the low pitch sounds are louder than the high pitch one. And these things are very essential as you prepare yourself to acquire a hearing help.

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